"Crap! I wish I hadn't seen Ricky on the sidewalk."

"You will be fine for 31 minutes. You will be dead in 32 minutes."

Saturday, June 21, 2014


I met Courtney and Roxie for happy hour last Thursday. Work has been crazy and each of us needed to vent, so we made plans before inventory and met up around 7. 

We ordered drinks, we ordered appetizers, and the next thing we knew it was nearly 11.

When I got home, Courtney texted me:

Just take a minute to stand and take in how beautiful the moon is.

Sometimes Courtney leaves notes on my car and I'm always happy, always pleasantly surprised when she does.


My niece got married a few weeks ago so I flew into Colorado for the occasion. It was my first time back in six months.

Sara was a bridesmaid and Sammy was an usher. Sam flew in from Phoenix with his girlfriend and I finally got to meet Sara's boyfriend, Jeff. It was the first time we were together in a very long time and we made dinner at Sara & Jeff's my first night back in town.

Of particular interest to me was my nephew's first girlfriend. They'd only been dating a little while and it was already turning out to be a bittersweet story since she plans to attend college in another state.

I snapped a bunch of traditional pictures, but managed this one when the wedding party moved downstairs to dance.

They're both shy, sweet kids. She's into jazz, he's into dubstep. She hasn't seen any of the movies he talks about and she's still a little angry with him for getting a good grade in a class he never seemed to study for.

I've been back a couple of weeks and asked my sister how they were doing.  She said they'd broken up a few days earlier and even though it was a forgone conclusion, I felt a little sad when I heard the news.