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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Handclaps and La Las

On Wednesday, we saw Hospitality in concert at Crescent Ballroom. 

In a word? Magnificent.

The last time I saw a show, we were running a little late and arrived shortly after the music began.  As it happened, Hospitality didn't start rocking the joint until 10.

I wasn't thrilled with the opening acts.  Both were fine, but the first one didn't seem too far removed from their last coffeehouse gig and the frontwoman for the other band wasn't happy with the sound.  I'm sure she was frustrated, but there was a lot of eye-rolling and what the fuck? and despite the swirling keyboards and the Velvet Underground influence I was happy when they said, "this next song is our last one."

We drank pear cider and convinced Michelle to stay for the show rather than walk down 2nd Ave. and fetch her car.  She'd told us she was leaving no later than 9:30 and she was worried about getting a ticket, since she'd parked in an unfamiliar garage.

Hospitality played most, if not all, the songs from their debut album, plus a couple of new ones.  The musicians were tight and everyone sounded great. 

About halfway through the show, I thought I saw Vincent Gallo to the right of the stage.  I leaned over and shouted in Michelle's ear. 
"Do you know who Vincent Gallo is?"  She shouted back, "Is that the guy from The Matrix?"  I leaned over and shouted in Corey's ear.  "Do you know what Vincent Gallo looks like?"  She nodded and smiled and said, "I think that's him up by the stage."

After the show, we walked Michelle back to where she parked her car.  No ticket, no towing. 

We were all tired the next day.

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