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Sunday, November 18, 2012


...My Son the Copy Cat . . . (DFLP 1233, Del Fi Records)
Stanley Ralph Ross (1935-2000) was very busy in the 1960's.  He wrote episodes of Batman and The Monkees, took small roles in films like The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) and Tony Rome (1967), and cut this parody album to capitalize on the enormous success of Allan Sherman.
Sherman deserves his own post, but let's focus on Stan Ross for the moment.
Here's what Ronald L. Smith said in the Goldmine Comedy Record Price Guide (Krause Publications, 1996):
"Ross not only comes up with Allan Sherman-style material, he does a pretty fair job of imitating Sherman's voice.  Folk tunes are turned Jewish.  'Clementine' becomes 'Clement Stein' about a 'yenta ten percenta agent,' 'Molly Malone' is now 'Solly M. Cohen' and 'Waltzing Matilda' becomes 'Washing Gefilte,' all about the problems of making gefilte fish.
'I'm Called Little Buttercup' becomes the very Shermanesque 'I'm Called Little Butterball.'  He admits to even trying drugs: 'I've tried every Dexi, and yet, I ain't sexy!  My legs I relaxacize sore.  I drank chocolate Metracal, Grape and etcetrecal, but increased my slacks a size more."
Nothing to write home about, perhaps, but an interesting footnote in 60s-era comedy albums.

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