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Friday, February 15, 2013

Five and Dinah

Dinah Washington in the land of  HI-FI (EmArcy MG 36073)
I love this Dinah Washington album.  I love the photograph, I love the design.

What is she dreaming of, with her eyes closed?

I'll never know.

Collectors are odd birds, no question.  You don't really know how rare something is until you go ten or twenty years without seeing another one.  And I'm not talking about cheating and satisfying yourself with an internet purchase; I'm talking about relentlessly browsing bins and checking shelves and making yourself a frequent presence at thift stores and used bookshops and garage sales.

That's the game of it, right?

I've always thought this Dinah Washington album was suitable for framing but I was afraid to hang it on the wall.  I didn't want it damaged, didn't want it faded by the sun.

And then I found another one, in even better condition than the copy I own.  

Problem solved.

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