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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sweets Sorrow

Can we talk about sweets for a minute?

I very rarely buy them for myself, but if they're within easy reach I can't stop myself.  Zero willpower.  It's a real problem.  

Sara's homemade apple pie was the first to go.  We said our goodbyes on Tuesday night, during an episode of New Girl.  Twenty minutes later, I gave up any silly notions of waiting and finished the pumpkin pie, too. 

That left two pies, both from Corey:  storebought peach and homemade squash.  I stuck the peach pie in the refrigerator and thew the squash pie in the trash, per Corey's instructions. 

The peach pie went quietly, half on Wednesday, half on Thursday. 

I was done with turkey, done with mashed potatoes, done with gravy, and I was finally done with pie.

On Friday, Michelle had everyone over to her apartment and we made cookies. 


It was a lot of fun.  We drank and talked and ordered pizza.  Tony broke a wine glass.  When it was all over, there were cookies everywhere you looked. 


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