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Saturday, March 9, 2013

It's Been Oolong Time (2/17/13)

My cousin came to town the weekend of the big book sale.  

I haven't seen Ira in over two decades, but I'm very fond of my Aunt Natalie and she encouraged her son to get in touch with me.  He's a doctor, runs a successful practice in Hawaii with his wife.  

Normally I return to the book sale on Sunday, but we made brunch plans instead.  I gave him a choice of meeting spots, but knew he could not resist breakfast at an organic farm.

I'm not a coffee drinker, never have been.  Ira brought some oolong tea leaves and we sat and drank tea and talked about our family history.  We talked so long we had to flag our waitress down to order breakfast.  

My mother is the youngest of three sisters, so it's no surprise that Jackie and Natalie started having kids earlier.  

Growing up, my older cousins all seemed so exotic to me. 

Ira shared an interesting story about visiting our grandmother, who spent most of her adult life in a mental hospital.  

Ira had just graduated high school and was on his way to Israel.  There was a stopover in New York and he made time to see her.  

"She was quite lucid for most of the visit," Ira said, "and as I was leaving she said something I've never forgotten."

I asked him what she said.  

"She said 'Tell Natalie don't wear high heels--you'll fall.
And she told Ira, "Don't get too cold, and don't get overheated."

Good advice.

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