"Crap! I wish I hadn't seen Ricky on the sidewalk."

"You will be fine for 31 minutes. You will be dead in 32 minutes."

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I'm leaving in two weeks, so my to-do list includes signing documents and packing boxes and trying to see friends without really saying goodbye. There are services I need to suspend, and others I need to cancel altogether. The contents of my liquor cabinet has been inventoried and distributed to friends. I'm making hay while the sun shines, but no more casseroles because the Pyrex is already packed.  

I had lunch with Rosemary and Heather and Sue yesterday, and we shared some funny stories about garage sale etiquette. I don't want to have a garage sale.  Most everything is going into storage, except for some large pieces I will try and sell on Craigslist or donate to Goodwill.

I don't want to haggle with someone over the price of salt & pepper shakers or a balloon Inflato-Pump or my favorite dishes or the cocktail shaker Susie gave me for my birthday one year.

Forget it.  Save your breath. 

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