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Monday, August 5, 2013


Back in March, I posted something about Bob Dylan and mentioned how long it's been since I've seen a copy of his first book, Tarantula (Macmillan, 1971). 

Back when I had my bookstore, I used to see them everywhere. I was constantly checking my boots for Tarantulas. As soon as I priced one, I sold one.

And then nothing.  No more copies. Years and years went by.

I finally found a copy on Sunday, a third printing. The original jacket price was $3.95, and the store price--written neatly in pencil--was $2.  

Which promptly drove me crazy.

I know it's just a reading copy, nothing particularly valuable. And yes, I'm aware I benefited from the unimaginably low price.

But still. Still. It bothers me that some robotic employee grabbed a book, glanced at the original price, and then simply divided that number in half without considering the book itself. All that without recognizing Bob Dylan's name, or face, or fame, let alone his contributions to the Jewfro and the art of mumbling.

I know pricing books can be a thankless, boring task. But pricing interesting books isn't. 

And check out this dedication:


I know you don't like Bob, but no harm in trying to change your mind.

Love you


Poor dumb Jimi. 

I bet Judy never changed her mind about Bob. Considering this copy of Tarantula was used, I wonder if she changed her mind about Jimi.

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