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Thursday, April 11, 2013


I had lunch with Paul and his wife on Tuesday and they got me thinking about catastrophic health insurance.  

I'm currently between jobs and my current insurance expires in three weeks.  I'm not big on doctors, don't take any regular meds.  I had my teeth cleaned this week and I'm wearing new glasses.  I don't have a regular doctor and haven't had a check-up in over a year.  Is there a kind of horse that doesn't get regular check-ups?  I'm as healthy as that horse.

Paul told me a story about a mutual friend who went two days between insurance policies and racked up $10,000 in medical expenses. Clearly, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

After lunch, I drove over to Goodwill.  I haven't been scouting in a couple of weeks.

Right off the bat, I found this:

I saw Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory in the movie theater, that's how old I am.  It's a popular movie now ("Good day, sir!"), but there was a fairly long stretch when nobody gave a shit.  

I had the soundtrack when I was a kid and now I have it again as an adult.  

One of the joys of browsing is finding something you've been searching for.  For me, that might be anything: a valuable book or record, a sentimental item from my youth, something I've heard of but never actually seen.

One of the other joys of browsing is finding something you've never heard of at all, something you didn't even know you needed. 

Almost Authentic Folk Songs (Reprise, R-6038)by Dolan Ellis & The Inn Group falls neatly into that category. The songs (by Leon Pober & Bud Freeman, who masterminded Katie Lee's Songs of Couch & Consultation) parody folk music in a variety of styles, including calypso, medieval & western ballads, work songs, etc.

Dolan Ellis (in his pre-New Christy Minstrels days) nails the songs by singing them nice and straight. Careful listeners will get the jokes immediately.

"Dat Man is My Daddy" is an excellent example:

Mommy, dat man is my daddy
Dat man, dat man standing over there 
In the blue uniform

Hush, you embarrass me!
That man is not your daddy
Can't you see that man is the chief of police 

And he is a total almost stranger to me

I've included an mp3 on the right for sampling purposes only. It's coming down just as soon as I explain to my children that I'm not actually their father.

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