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"You will be fine for 31 minutes. You will be dead in 32 minutes."

Monday, April 22, 2013


Is it wrong to admit I strongly self-identify with the moment in The Loneliness of The Long Distance Runner (Richardson, 1962)where Colin Smith (Tom Courtenay)stops running the race?

Despite a healthy lead, despite "energy in reserve" according to the race announcer, despite a cheering crowd chanting his name, urging him on, begging him to finish, Smith refuses to take another step, refuses to finish the race, refuses to give his reform school the win.  

Suck it!

Smith won't bow to authority, but he does bow to the second-place opponent who finally catches him and scores the victory for his own school.  

Once the Governor (the reform school's top administrator) realizes Smith has thrown the race on purpose, Smith smiles.

It's no Billy Liar (Schlesinger, 1963), but it'll do.

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