"Crap! I wish I hadn't seen Ricky on the sidewalk."

"You will be fine for 31 minutes. You will be dead in 32 minutes."

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Okay, a couple more. 

Inside Detective Vol. 8, No. 48 (Dell Publishing Co., 1955)
Daring Detective  Vol. 16, No. 93 (Country Press, Inc.,1942)

Young Marrieds  Vol. 1, No. 1 (Ideal Publishing Corp., 1956)
Are these magazines worth money?  Of course they are.  I can sell them, make a few bucks. But who takes care of things better than I do?  

Do you think you'll look this good when you're pushing 60?  There's no water damage, no coffee rings, no torn pages, no missing covers.

Archival quality.  Say it with me. 

Some things are worth more than money.

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