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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I promised Molly I would do my best to find out my name from Indian Guides. My dad was definitely Silver Fox, and I think my name must have been White Lion. 

As I cleaned out the garage I found this. My trusty headband, filled with holes!

A few boxes later, I located our father-son Indian Guide manual.

A bunch of papers were stuffed inside, but nobody (and I'm blaming you, Silver Fox!) thought to record our names for posterity.

One of the papers listed 48 specific activities, many of which I still haven't accomplished four decades later. 

Catch a fish?  Wouldn't even know where to start. 

Whittle something out of wood?  With a knife?  Surely you jest. 

Swim 50 feet? Why? What for?

Ironically, I'm finally cleaning out a garage (#19), but I still haven't made a leathercraft project (#12), I never went anywhere on a horse (#41), and if I could care for a lawn for 4 weeks I wouldn't have needed to hire a gardener this morning (#18).

I do remember the day we set out to cross #16 (saw a board in half) and #32 (nail 2 boards together)off the list. I will never forget my father's grimace as I lightly tapped the nail with my hammer. 

The kids on either side of me completed the task in a few moments. I think I took most of the afternoon. 

My father didn't say anything, but he kept checking his watch and shaking his head.

Looking at the list now, I like to think I eventually figured out what stuff was truly important to my personal development (brushing my teeth, telling time, reading a map)and what was slightly less essential.

I only participated in Indian Guides for a few months in 1974, but even if I'd stayed with it I doubt I'd have crossed everything off the list.

White Lion just doesn't roll that way.


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