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Sunday, September 9, 2012

45 RPM

"Light My Fire b/w The Crystal Ship"

The Doors (EK-45615-A), cover artist unknown

Do I remember where I bought this?  You bet.  It was a dumpy little thrift store in Gilbert, no longer in business, that I used to frequent once a month for nearly a decade.  I was mostly there for the books, but it was the records--the piles and piles of records carelessly thrown in a corner--that provided the most unusual rewards.
This Doors 45 is one of my favorite finds of all time.  I don't know the owner, but I understand the sheer enthusiasm for this song that prompted her to get out a ballpoint and some crayons and a litle masking tape and return the favor with this homemade sleeve.

The Doors (EK-45615-B), cover artist unknown

Or maybe the real artist was the owner's kid sibling, who accepted the responsibility when this record was handed down.  Some budding music critic, whose comments ("Very very good!" and "Very very nice!") still apply today.

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