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Friday, September 21, 2012

All Over But the Shouting

Is there a better director of hollering actors than Paul Thomas Anderson?

I'm seeing The Master this weekend and decided to go back to the well and rewatch There Will Be Blood.  I was not disappointed.  Daniel Day-Lewis is a howling loon.  Paul Dano is a bible-thumping pulpit screecher.  Both of them spend a good portion of the movie with their faces red from yelling.

Remember the scene in Punch-Drunk Love when Sandler is on the phone with Philip Seymour Hoffman and PSH is all ablaze, yelling at Sandler and telling him to shut up?

Shut up!  Shut the fuck up!  Shut up. Will you--shut up! Shut up! Shut shut shut shut shut up!  Shut up!  Now! 

Pure genius. 

I know The Master will have exquisite performances, extraordinary production values, and an outstanding soundtrack.  But mostly I'm buying a ticket to see someone lose their shit.

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